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YES! ~  Owner Financing Deals Available! – Call for Info.

YES! ~  Save Thousands ~ Sell to Buy Discount Program

YES! ~  580 Credit Score Lender Loans Available FHA

YES! ~  3.5% Down Payment Lender Loans Available FHA

YES! ~  Down Payment Assistance Lender Programs Available FHA

YES! ~  Any Price Range in The Greater Houston Area

YES! ~  New Builder Homes Available

YES! ~  Renovation Financing Available for New Purchases FHA Lender

YES! ~  FHA 203K Lender Loans = Buy then Close and Renovate After Close to Customize Your New Home the Way You Want It!  We are FHA 203K Loan Experts!


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Many Challenged Buyers Can Buy a Home! ~ We Are Looking for Buyers Just Like You!

Buy A House in Houston TX

Buying a Home in Houston

All over the Greater Houston Area there are Sellers who are truly Motivated to Sell and Move!  They are looking for Buyers who are Truly Motivated to BUY!

Enter North Houston Home Buyers &

The Listing Pros!

We have and/or Locate Sellers  who are truly motivated to sell their homes to truly motivated Buyers like yourself. They are willing to either Owner Finance or Lease-to-Purchase.  The Not-So-Good Credit you may have, indeed may not stop you from OWNING a Home again soon!!!


If You Interested in Buying, please Complete The “Tell Us Your Needs” Form Above as complete as possible. Once we have your needs and criteria for your new home search, we will go to work to either show you specific homes we already have contracted and/or we will work towards finding a home that works for you and family!


“Tell Us Your Needs” Form Above ****


Call The Listing Pros Today!  713-737-5149

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Have you ever worked with a real estate agent who showed you where to search for properties then told you to call them when you find what you want to see? That’s what we’d call Level 1 service. I have been recommended highly by my past buyer clients because I provide a much higher level of property search services!

  • Yes, I provide a search page on my site, but I do more for my buyers. I provide help in knowing how to use the search for optimal results, including explaining some of the information fields and real estate jargon.
  • From my search page you can request more information on any listings of interest with a quick and simple form.
  • Once I know the characteristics and neighborhoods that you want for your property, I create a custom search for you that will alert you with emails when new listings that meet your criteria hit the market. It will also alert you to price reductions.


Call The Listing Pros Today!  713-737-5149

Buying or Selling Call The Pros

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