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How it Works – FAQ

Want to sell your house fast but you are not sure who to call ~ where to start ~ who to trust & what questions to ask.? Welcome to NHHB! Our Team of Local & Licensed Pros can not only answer your questions, but more importantly can help you navigate and succeed at this sometimes difficult process now simplified by the Pros at North Houston Home Buyers with over 35+ Years of Real Estate Experience!

NO Long Term Listings ~ Sell Your Home in Days Not Months!

How it Works – FAQ

    • ABSOLUTELY NOT! We will never charge you a fee for our services.
    • We will present you with a no obligation offer.
    • It’s Simple ~ If you accept the offer, we buy your house. If you do not accept the offer it costs you nothing. We will never ask you to pay us anything whether we buy your house or not.
    • You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose when NHHB offers to buy your home!
    • NO Real Estate Commissions when we buy your home period if the home is not Listed with a Realtor.
    • If Listed, your Listing Agent may require a commission on the listing side(this is negotiable) but unless mutually agreed otherwise, The Buyer does not pay any commissions period on the buyer side at all.
    • A Serious SAVINGS &Discount to the Cost of Selling a Home!!$$
    • YES We Make Fair Offers! Each house is different and depends on many factors, including house condition, material and labor costs for repairs, housing market in your neighborhood, how long it will take to repair and market the house and the cost to resell the house.
    • We believe our offers to be very fair relative to each house‚Äôs situation and condition and each deals structure.
    • North Houston Home Buyers is a Locally Owned Company and Has Local Licensed Real Estate Pros to help you through the home selling process.
    • Depending on access to your property and the information provided by you, we can usually make a No Obligation Offer same day or within 1-2 days or so.
    • And when our No Obligation Offer areaccepted, we can usually have a contract to you within 1-3 days after our initial visit. In many cases from first contact, to onsite review of the home to issuance of TREC Purchase Contract can be in 3 days or less. We are Licensed Pros and use TREC Approved Purchase Contracts& Reputable Title Companies.
    • We are Direct House Buyers ~ We are not Wholesalers.
    • 90+% of So-Called Investor’s in the Greater Houston area are Wholesalers. A Wholesaler contracts to buy your home but then they market to other Real & Qualified Buyers like NHHB. They are trained talk a good game but typically they have a weasel clause contract so that if they cannot sell your home in 2-4 weeks they will drop you like a hot potato all the while you were thinking you were going to closing soon. NHHB Pros are Direct House Buyers-Not Wholesalers!
    • NHHB not only uses TREC and Title Company approved agreements but we also provide a bonified proof of funds verifying capability to buy your home in the time frame and price that is agreed by you the seller whether that is 5 days or 5 weeks or even longer. Whatever time frame works for you the seller.
    • NHHB has been known to close in as little as 3-5 days. However, each situation is different.
    • Normal closing times range from 10-25 days. However, our goal is to ensure that we create a deal structure and closing environment that works best for the Seller(s) time frame for moving and closing.
    • We have closed deals in as much as 60 days after Sale Purchase Agreement was signed.
    • We effort to create a seamless and friction free environment so that all parties achieve their goals in the best time frame agreed to by all parties.
    • That is a great benefit of selling to NHHB. YOU MAKE NO REPAIRS! We make an offer for Your Home As-Is. Valuable to know when you understand How to Sell a House in Houston TX.
    • The Principal of our Company is a Retired Licensed Master Builder – Renovator and has 35+ Years in the Real Estate Industry as an Investor and Licensed Realtor as well.
    • You and Your home are in good hands with NHHB! We are Local and Licensed Pros!
    • In Many Cases YES! We are Short Sale & Stop Foreclosure Specialist. We have saved many homes from Foreclosure.
    • However, remember with foreclosure the faster you act the more options you have.PLEASE! Contact us immediately. Also, please check out our Avoid ForeclosureWe have a serious expertise in the Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure process. We are Local and Licensed Pros ready to help you with this difficult process!!
    • We have a serious expertise in the Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure process. We are Local and Licensed Pros ready to help you with this difficult process!!
    • YES! We take over House Payments quite often.
    • If you are behind on your note payments for any reason whatsoever, we can take over the payments and put some cash in your hands at closing.
    • We often times take over payments on homes that do not have enough equity or are in need of repairs. You and Your Home may be a good candidate for this real-world real estate solution.
    • We buy homes in almost any price range. NO Repairs for Sellers
    • We Buy Ugly Houses!
    • We Buy Pretty Houses
    • We Buy Houses ranging in price from $50K to $1 Million
    • Any Price ~ Any Condition ~ Any Reason
    • YES! NHHB has purchased numerous Inherited Homesand homes in Probate.
    • We have significant experience and success in dealing with these legal issues that can create road blocks to the sale of a home. While each inheritance / probate deal is unique, we have bought, rehabbed and sold many Inherited / Probate houses.
    • As Local and Licensed Pros, we have serious solutions for Inheritance and Probate homes.
    • YES! While this is certainly an emotionally and financially difficult time in the lives of the seller(s), NHHB most definitely has the expertise and financial ability to buy homes from sellers who are in divorce and need to sell before the divorce is final and/or after the divorce is final.
    • NHHB stands ready and qualified to help you through this difficult and costly event and legal process.

Listing Agents – FAQ

    • Listing Agent Commission: When NHHB buys the home, in most cases you the Listing Agent can get paid your full commission as well as 50% any BTSA / Incentives that may be offered by seller(s). We are Licensed Real Estate Pros and are authorized to do so.
    • Fast Cash Buyers: We provide firm proof of funds to close, we can close in as little as 5 days in some cases. We are DIRECT HOUSE BUYERS = We Are Not Wholesalers.
    • Fast But Flexible Closings: Close Fast for Sure! Buy we are flexible when it comes to closings. If Seller Needs 15 days or 5 weeks + that is just great! All docs can be escrowed with Title ready to close upon mutual agreement!
    • TREC Inspections Not Required for Most Deals: NHHB Typically does a brief walk Through during initial viewing of the home. From time to time we will hire a TREC Inspector but usually an NHHB Licensed Pro will preview the property and make a qualified assessment in order to make a qualified No Obligation Offer to The Seller.
    • NHHB HelpsAgents Get Referrals: No Better Advertising for a Listing Agent than to get a difficult listing SOLD!!$$
    • Learn More: To Learn More click Listing Agents Program page! or call 713-955-8950
  • Need to Sell a Difficult Listing.

    • As Licensed Real Estate Pros ~ NHHB can help with pocket listings, tough listings, off-market listings,distressed properties, as-is listings, expired listings, and more!
    • As Active Licensed Realtors, we fully understand your need to be TREC compliant in every way and we operate our business fully compliant with TREC & HAR protocols and rules.
    • So,if you’re struggling to find a buyer for any type of property, the Pros at NHHB just maybe you and your clients real estate solution with our proven home buying & selling programs. Find out more at Listing Agents Program page! Or call 713-955-8953.