Luxury Homes and Mansion Prices in Houston Tumble Amid Oil Price Route

High End Mansions & Luxury Homes Prices Tanking

Forward by Steve Dancer – Builder / Investor / Mentor

OPPORTUNITY!  Here we go again!  I was a young homebuilder and house flipper in the 1980’s when the last major oil bust hit. Yes there has been several other downturns but nothing like the 1980’s and now.  The 1980’s bust was much more signficant then in that Houston was so dependent upon the oil biz and mortgage rates rose to an all time high at 15% and higher. Today, standard rates are at about 4%.  It goes without saying that if rates were at 1980’s rates today, there would be real estate blood in the streets just like in the 1980’s even with a more diverse job and industrial base that Houston enjoys today.

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Real Estate Investors – 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

The Road to Becoming a Professional Real Estate Investor


Real estate investment is perhaps one of the most lucrative forms of investment today. But it is also equally risk bound especially when one is not well versed with the trends and nuances of the real estate market. So if you are contemplating on investing in real estate, it is best to avoid costly mistakes in real estate investment especially when you invest your hard earned time & money into it. Knowing the most common mistakes made by real estate investors helps one steer away from making such mistakes in the future and ensures the opportunity for a good return on investment.

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I Want to Sell My House – Houston TX FAQ

I Want To Sell My House! 

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions Report!

Steve & Peggy D.


I Simply Want to Sell My Home Quickly As Possible with No Long Term Real Estate Listing! Can You Help Me?
Yes we Can. We are Licensed Realtors and more importantly we have an Extremely Aggressive Online & Offline Marketing program to help Move Houses Quick!Ask about our 10 Days or Less Close Option!

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